Steering, speeding up, braking, cutting, blocking: who is the smartest driver in this strategic racing game, leaving his opponents behind and passing the finishing line first?

Dash Race is the electronic version of a popular turn-based paper game that can be played everywhere at anytime, because all you need is a sheet of squared paper and colored pencils - or Dash Race for even more fun and challenges.

Up to four players make their moves in turns, following very simple rules. This results in an amazingly realistic driving behavior. In order to take curves at optimal speed, you'll need experience and dexterity. Play the pure and truly timeless strategic variant in "Classic Mode", or turn to the breathtaking "Challenge Mode" for a wild arcade-style Dash Race.

  • Up to four players on one or multiple devices
  • Gamecenter, Bluetooth & WiFi connections available to play with multiple devices locally and around the world
  • A training course will interactively introduce you to the secrets of Dash Race and prepare you for races against others
  • Climb up global Dash Race leaderboards in Gamecenter
  • Prove your skills by earning various Gamecenter achievements
  • Additional Robot-opponents with adjustable driving skills can be joined into a race
  • Easy and intuitive game handling
  • Comprehensive statistics: view all the details of your last races and of the previous winners
  • Differently challenging tracks
  • Different background grids, requiring distinctive driving strategies - or make the grid invisible for an additional challenge
  • More tracks can be downloaded from a growing selection of attractive track packages
  • Upload your completed races to your Facebook wall or send your successes straight to your Twitter account

Have a first look into the online manual of the Dash Race app for more details*.

 *Cannot be viewed with Internet Explorer (any other browser will do)