Problems using the controls

Some people initially have problems using the controls, sometimes even believing it doesn’t work at all. However, in all these cases there is one very simple explanation: don’t try to press inside the target area circle! This doesn’t even make sense because you then block your view on it. Press somehwere outside of it, and when it lights up yellow, you can determine the next position and confirm it with a double tap. You will soon love the ease of control with one finger for target determination and scrolling at the same time.

Glitches or crashing App

Dash Race has been tested very extensively on multiple devices. Though programming errors for sure can never be completely excluded, you shouldn’t encounter any during normal playing. If Dash Race appears somehow slow, shows glitches of any kind or the app even crashes, then your device is most likely facing a memory issue right now. When applications pile up over time in memory (under multitasking starting with iOS 4.0), a more memory-consuming app like Dash Race (or most games in general) might fail to show an optimal performance.
You can easily find out if this is causing the issue by simply restarting your device completely (which you should do anyhow every now and then). Alternatively, you can remove no longer needed apps from memory: double-click the Home-button, press and hold a bit on any apps in the appearing list and then use the deletion marker to remove any currently unneeded app from memory (you won’t loose any data!). After such a procedure, Dash Race should work faultlessly.

Issues when downloading additional tracks

After purchasing an additional track, the data will be downloaded from our servers. Depending on the connection speed of your network, this will ideally only take a few seconds. However, if your connection is slow at the moment, it might even completely fail at some point in time. If you get such a notification, don’t worry. The transaction will only be marked completed if each and every required information has been retrieved properly. After a failure you should simply look for a better connection (WiFi, wait for a less crowded time in the network etc.). Once you restart Dash Race, it will automatically retry to complete the download (you will possibly be asked to login with your AppStore Password then). Just leave it alone then for a moment until you get the confirmation notification.
If connection issues arise at all, the best is to be a bit patient then (on slow or crowded networks it can take up to 5 minutes to complete). While you could try to simply purchase the item again with no actual additional costs (you never pay twice for the same item), this will just produce more transactions that all need to be finalized one after the other later on. So better just restart Dash Race and let it finalize the begun transactions on it’s own.